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Leaf -wrapped Moin-Moin With Silver Lining

Silver lined Moin-Moin

Today I made my perfect silver lined moin-moin to guests this afternoon. It will be paired with oven roast chicken drumsticks with salad. Are foodies still buying dehydrated moin-moin cooked in emptied peak milk tins? If I may add, home-made moin-moin is ruined by too much sardines, corned beef and other condiments. I cooked today's moin-moin with just crayfish. sooooooo delishhhh!

So back to 'acada' househelp's relunctance to retrieve leaf -wraps.  She came back with some lies ' madam, ________'I have tro id away.....I finis wiz id'. I stiifled a laugh. I spoke in native tongue while,  I got bombarded with her grammar. House helps and their big grammar wears me out ... no end! My friend was still on the floor struggled to recover from her insane laughter.  


Made with fresh water leaves and afang Leaves. Nothing frozen! Stock fish reined supreme over shaki, smoked fish, kpomo, mvi periwinkle and, whelks.

Smoky Party Jollof Rice.......loading

Smoky Party jollof is cooked so it doesn't go off quickly. Rice grains are hard not too soft and mushy.

Palm Oil and Groundnut Oil Combo

To get that ' Agoyin mamaput smoky' flavour you need palm oil and Groundnut oil combo to fry your ingredients. 

There is no video clip yet

M O I -M O I

I always make 2 different pepper flavours- less pepper for kids not familar with the heat. Pepper laced Moi-Moi for fiery palate. Can you take the heat?


This Soup Is Intensely Delis....Full Of Flavour, Taste & Texture. A Real Bomb With 'draw' Stretchy Hot Yellow Garri....choi!

O T O N G Soup Is Not Exactly Your Average Okro Soup.

Mama-in-Law (mother-in-law) Don't Want To See This Soup oh! Not When Her Son Hasn't Sent Her Monthly Allowance. Imagine Her Muttering Between Swallow Balls Asking When Her Son Will Start Building The House In The Village.😎😎😎😂😂😂

Oha Or Nkpa Soup (Efik) Tend To Overlap & Confusing. The Ibos prefer Oha Leaves With Achii. Now.....Where Does Ogiri Igbo (fermented oil bean seed) Fit In?

Ogiri Igbo is another thickener but gosh it stinks...the smell is PONG! 


It is Sierra Leone dawadawa.

Ogiri Igbo Known As dawadawa In Sierra Leone.

I Hereby Present My Delish Achaii Soup...Abi Na Calabar version...My Igbo friends Could Be Teasing Me 😎😎😎😎😎

Seasoning Is The Key To A Delicous Flavour Mouth-Watering Food.

Fish Seasoned left In The Fridge For 24Hrs Will Intensify Taste & Flavour

So I Asked Oga, 'What Would You Like With Fish'? Rare Occasion When Mrs Kalu Struggles With Such Endearment (who get time😉). He Replied ' anyhow' ! Plantain, Yam, Rice? Men And Their Vagueness. Trust Me For Easier Option-Boiled Rice. Be Resourceful!

O K O K OB I O K O !

Prep Ingredients Ahead Of Cooking- Saves Time-Makes Cooking Less Tedious & Minimise The Task.

Spring Has Finally Sprung On Us!

Time for occasional greedy treats....

I'm thinking ice cream, burgers, lollipops, punch soda.....

And wedding!.....yes wedding!

So looking forward to my daughter's wedding....


It's grilling season, the sun is out,  barbeque, garden party anyone?....

I have never been to a barbeque party, ever, never, not my thing....

What's the point all dressed up , turn up in a smoky place.....  

Cook for yourself then came back smelly like ashtray!


Plan a proper big garden party.....family-friendly entertainment for all.... .

Get guests kids together, fairground, trampoline, clowns

Mini sausages, pizza, burgers, home-made punch soda...

Ice cream stuck on nose, tongue stained with ice lollies,


Spring has arrived, the weather is slowly heating up.....

Tire the kids out to let out off some steam .....

Let them run wild, let their heads down, enjoy more candy floss....

Afterall Spring is nigh!



By Akon Margaret Kalu 












Braised Liver. Bang in all the seasonings for palatable taste.

I Made This Baby Potatoes Dish with Just Red Onions and Spring onions With a little Sea Salt To enhance taste. Ideal Side Dish/Vegetarian Dish. ❤ All Plants!❤

Edikang Ikong Soup

Hollywood Star/R&B Singer Keri Hilson Is 'Chopping' Edikang Ikong❤

'Swallow' Goes To Hollywood!

I Decided On Roast Chicken And Moi-Moi For Mother's Day Sunday Lunch

Moi-Moi Straight From The Oven

Moi-Moi And Chicken In The Oven

Salsa Sauce

I Make My Own Salsa Sauce With Loads Of Afro Flavour. 




-  fresh tomatoes diced 

- plenty hot chillies

- lime, lemon, apple juice

- olive oil

- white wine

- onion, shallot

- salt


Skin and de-seed tomatoes slice in tiny bits, chop all the chillies before adding tomatoes, onions, shallots, ,lime or lemon juice , wine, salt. Give it a thorough mix then cover to simmer in low heat for 40mins.


I know almost an hour....chaai! my electricity bill. 


Chicken Drumsticks Are So Versatile-kids Love it, great party food, barbeque, appetizers, snack et al. It's called DRUMSTICK because chicken thigh is similar, looks like drummer stick.

Spicy Chicken Drumstick Soaked In Spicy Salsa Sauce.






Nkoyo Jones Abia, Bassey Effiong, Rebecca Adewale, Eno Unogu, Eno Otunba-Payne, Justice Tessa Obot, Jennifer Okafor, Rosemary Archibong, Funmi Durosumi-Etti, Elsie Wuche, Felicia Ogbodo, Christina Briggs, Timma Oboho, Nkoyo (nee Ebiefie), Ekanem Robertson, Lizzy Elliott, Jennifer Bassey Duke, Comfort Olaosebikan, Nkoyo Uche-Nwosu, Grace Okoroafor, Patricia Chukwudinma, HRH Lolo Ory Nwaneri, Chief Lady Waynett Peters, Stella Owala, Robyn Brown Obot, Florence Orji, Esther Ogun and Dr Chi Chi Menakaya.  

Thank you very much for your positive feedbacks and comments . You've inspired me in ways words will never suffice. How did you even put up with my straight-talking/direct approach more often than not has landed me in hot water though I still manage to come out the other way! Any suggestion to tone things down a bit (wink!). Men please get on board afterall you eat the most food in the kitchen! LOL!

Please I will appreciate if comments are left on my websites instead of Whatsapp. Your email address will not show rest assured all personal data are secured on this site.

Have You Ever Cooked A Nameless Soup?

50 35 15 Ratio Soup

This NAMELESS Soup Is Cooked With 50% Spinach Leaves 35% Bitter Leaves 15% Egusi Or Achii As Thickener Hence The Name 50-35-15 Ratio Soup.

My Cooking Process Starts From The Ground When All The Condiments Are Mixed Together Prior To Cooking Including Palm Oil. To Retain Nutrients Veggies Should Always Be The Final Ingredients Added For Fresh Natural Green Colour. Why Do People Start Adding Veggies At The Beggining, Lose the Colour, Overcook It Invariably, Kill All Its Goodness?

Amazing Bitter/Sweet Taste. Try Cooking It And Share Your Experience Here.

Nkor-nkor Is one of My Favourite Seafood.

Moving From Traditional Sunday Lunch I decided on a Brunch (Breakfast-Lunch Combo) Ewa and Dodo.

Let's Just Call This Akon Special Spicy Stew (wink!) Why Not?

Stew Varieties-Obe Alhaja Modinat, Obe Ata Dindin (pepper stew), Omi Obe, Lafenwa Stew (Abeokuta stew), Buka Stew or Obe Ata Are Yoruba Ubiquitous Stews. Stew Is One Staple Food Cooked With Different Tastes However Nothing Beats Efik Fisherman's Stew.

FisherMan Stew

After All The Cooking, Frying And All The Paraphernalia of Putting The Dishes Together I Lost My Appetite But Will Catch Up Later.

Dodo Shallow Fried With Little Cooking Oil

Let's Do Lunch

I'm Obsessed With IWUK Efere. Okro & Ugwu Pumpkin Leaves Are Healthy Veggie Combo Anytime. Quick to Cook & Taste Amazing.

You Should Try It With Rice, Yam & Boiled Plantain. Give 'Swallow' Compulsory Leave A Break. Re-train Your Taste Bud To Expect Something Different.

B O I L E D Rice

You Must Refuel After Exercise-Re-load Carbs/Protein For Energy. After Gym I Had Coleslaw, Tuna & Sweet Corn & Iceberg. It's Never Too Cold For Salad.....Love Love My Salad. 'Swallow' food Should Be Avoided After Exercise, biko.


Brekkie Was Tuna Mayonnaise On Toast. Essential Carbs & Protein Combo Washed Down With A Big Mug Of Coffee.....Yummilicious.

What's Tonite Dinner? C H I C K E N!

Chicken Thigh Is Everyone Favourite, Why? The Most Meaty Part, Do You Agree?

Grated Apple Gives It Sweet Zesty Tangy Taste .......Oh Yes!

S E A S O N I N G Is The Key. Bang in all the afro flavour hot hot chillies, herbs and spices. A whole apple was grated, massaged all over the chicken for zesty tangy taste!

chicken knorr, garlic, ginger,shallot, salt, grated apple fruit for zesty tangy taste.....Bingo!

A F I A Efere a.k.a White Soup

I have no idea why this Brown or Black Soup depending on amount of uyayak (tetrapleura tetraptera) Is called white soup! It is anything but white I guess because it is cooked without palm oil.

T I L A P I A Is Nigerians Favourite Fish You See Everywhere. We Need To Try Other Fish For A Change.

I don't deep fry Fish. Oven Roast for Healthier Option.

V E G E T A R I A N Bean & Plantain Porridge Cooked With Or Without Palm Oil Is Sheer Bliss.

Beans & Ayamesa Sauce

Ekpang Nkukwo Is Absolutely Delicious! We See The Finished Product.....Not The Tedious Preparation Process.

Ekpang Nkukwo

Grated Cocoyam

I W U K Etikghi Soup

I W U K means 'savoury- one-pot broth' in Efik/Oron/Ibibio. It is not meant to have heavy intense draw effect.

Iwuk etikghi allows every condiments to surf freely, quickly move away not stick together. Indeed, food is Art that catches every imagination. Welcome to my world where Food- Meets- Arts - Meets -Vision.

What's your vision today? 



For A change I Decided To Have Moroccan Tagine Meat With A Twist Enriched With Plenty Afro Flavour For Richer Taste.

Nice Crispy Potatoes Isn't Always Easy To Make.

Potatoes Pan Fried 1st With Little Butter To Golden Brown B4 Oven.

Oven Roast (Omega 3 Rich)- M A C K E R E L. Perfect With Salad, Plantain, Yam & Rice.

Recipe: Scot Bonnet, Red Onions, Garlic, A Drop Of Lemon Juice And White Wine. Seasoned With Fish Stock.

Ngwo Ngwo- Spicy Meat Pepper Soup


Prepping Rice, Palm oil and Smoked Fish On the Ground First b4 Cooking.

Pan Fried Seabass With Spicy Tomatoes Sauce On A Bed Of Mashed Sweet Potatoes. Looking Closely I think The Mash Is Actually On The SIDE !!!

A F A N G Soup

Afang soup Is Almost Everyone's Favourite Dish. Great For Weight Loss Provided Palm Oil Is Used In Moderation. Waterleaves Act As Mild Laxative. Afang Is Highly Nutritious.

Nothing Beats A Well Pounded Afang Jute Leaves, Inviting Powerful Aroma And The Dark Green.....Green Healthy Afang Leaves.

Mvi Periwinkle Is Essential Ingredient In Traditional Afang Recipe.

I use Waitrose, Iceland, Lidl Frozen Spinach leaves During Shortage of Waterleaves.

Stock Fish Improves Taste And Enhance Flavour Of Any Soup

Frozen Spinach Should Be Allowed To Thaw Melt Away Excess Water......Unless You Want Your Soup To Run Like River Niger !!!!

Traditional Authentic Afang Is Cooked With Water Leaves For Original Taste, Texture And Flavour. Any Other Way Is A Remix Or Fusion Of Ingredients.

My Mum Shakes Her Fresh Fish. Absolutely No Stiring.

Basmati Rice Isn't Easy To Cook. Thankfully This One Came Out Nice And Fluffy!

Spicy Fresh Fish Pepper Soup Keeps You Warm

I Love My prawns

Brown Rice vs White Rice. What's Your Preference?

If I am honest I have been struggling with brown rice which is more nutritous than white. Add loads of mixed veggies to balance nutrients.

A  K  A  R  A

Akara Served In 3- Dimensions

Firstly, it is a great source of protein- all Vegetarians must get in here for essential recipes. 2ndly, akara can be served as a main dish with salad. 3rdly, snack it with garri soaked in water or breakfast paired with akamu/ogi or custard.

If you're like me low on meat , I tend to supplement with other protein sources to combat protein deficiency. Akara is high in protein. Don't deep fry, shallow fry with very little cooking oil to avoid being soggy.

Gbagbafofo (Itsekiri Soup)

Some said Delta people cook in similar ways as Cross Rivers and Akwa Ibom people. I am thinking differently as more like-remember the cliche-the closer you are to river/sea , your diet align with nature. Fish dishes common in riversides and meat dishes in cattle -reared dry lands.

So which river near Delta a beg when River Niger is far from the region? Gbagbafofo is peppersoup infused with plenty okro , seafood, spices cooked without palm oil. Fresh fish is the mainstay, I cooked mine with stock fish and plenty king prawns to give pink colour.

This Week Kitchen Tips

Blend assortment of pepper, herbs, spices cooked or uncooked in the fridge/freezer for emergency - Stew sauce, jollof sauce, goat meat, chicken, fish, shaki, kpomo and sundries.

I make enough for a week cooking . Why blend each time when you can prep all at once and save in the fridge/freezer?

Kitchen Quiz

What Is Shito?

Watch Out For Soon-To-Show Celebrated Nigerian Tribal Soups/Dishes:

Scented Ukang With unripe plantain          sick 


Gbagba FoFo


Bitter Leaf Egusi In Lumps 


Ofe Nsala, Ofe Akwu, Ofe Okazi, Ofe Oha 






Abak Mmong Ikong


Ebiripo Ayan Ekpang


Etikeni Ikong


Efere Ineh (fisherman soup)




Sorry If You're On January Diet! Just Swallow Air & Pass.

Ikpa Ikpa Otong Where Everything Sticks Together - One Can't Do Without The Other!

Heh he he! This is not gbagbafofo soup. I will cook it very soon.

These are soups spanning different tribes and cultures in Nigeria with clashes or shall I safely term it cross-cultual soups because of the way we share recipes and ingredients like Abak-Banga soup. I won't even risk WW3 which tribes cook the best soups. I leave you to be the judge with comments.wildwild



Village Jollof Rice

I don't Do Plain Roast Whole Chicken. I Pack In Afro Flavours- spices, More Spices, Herbs, More Herbs And Hot Pepper Chillies. Finally 1/2 Glass Of White Wine To Soak Up And Fire Up All The Flavours. Shaai!




Keep It Simple And Deliciously Tasty . Healthy foods Are So Easy To Cook.

Mixed Veggies And Lean Meat -Healthy Combo To Pair With Yam, Plantain and Rice. It's Cold Here In The UK So Hot & Spicy Food Will Keep Everyone Warm. Enjoy!

Moi-Moi is no longer prepared for significant occasions because of it long cooking processes. Thankfully, food processor and pre-packaged peeled beans have helped to speed up time spent in the kitchen. Hallelujah! ! After all the Xmas & New Year 'HEAVIES' - high carbs , high cholesterol pudding, potatoes, rice ,pounded yam & soups I feel it is time to balance our essential protein. What better than Moi-Moi .

I rarely cook Moi-Moi so today I decide to bite the bullet and make one of the favourites West African staple bean pudding or bean cake on New Year Day,

My ingredients and condiments are seasoned seperately prior to cooking for maximum taste and flavour.

Snack, Side dish or Main dish with salad, fish, meat and seafoods however way you like, moi-moi- will always compliment popular dishes. How Do You Like Your moi-moi?

I have enough to see me thru intense exercise/workout meal plan for the coming week.

Let Good Food Be Your Medicine-Chapt.12 Eat With Pleasure (2017)

Fresh Fish and seafood Okra Soup Is a welcome relief from Xmas turkey, leg of lamb and salmon. Or shall I even mention xmas pudding and custard. On that note I declare today Wednesday SWALLOW DAY!

I was very lucky my fishmonger was opened this morning to pick up crabs I ordered last week and was unable to pick up b4 Xmas. Crab is full of flavour with exceptional rich texture.

I tend to prep and season sauce, fish and seafood seperately before everything is cooked as all-in-one-pot soup. The Fresh King prawns and crabs and okra soup love affair is unbelievable- kind of turf and surf they stick out for each other.

This sauce for the soup was prepped seperately.

Spicy Fish & Chunky Chips

Fish & chips can be cooked in different variations from the traditional chippy. For me, the chunkier the better.

Pick your favourite fish. It doesn't have to be cod. My salmon fillet is oven Grilled as I don't like fried fish. Seasoned with spices for maximum flavour.

Good Food cooked simple & deliciously Wholesome. I am a foodie who loves good food.

There is no video clip yet

Prep & deep fry the chips in high heat for few mins then transfer to oven for crispy and fluffy texture.

African Bird or Devil Pepper Is Hot & Burn Like Fire. It Is Queen Of All Ingredients!

2 Shades of Blended Pepper

Top one is  the one I blended. The bottom one is bought . Can you  see the difference?

Buy good quality pepper & grind or blend it yourself  instead of prepackaged you don't know what is added to enhance colour.

Combine With Other Hot Chilli Peppers For Maximum Flavour.

Igbo  'Ose'


Yoruba  'ata wewe'


Hausa   'tattasai '


Sierra Leone Kreole  ' smohi pehpeh'

100% Unrefined Genuine Organic  Palm Oil Is Available To Buy In The UK

Buy It Only in Sierra Leone African Food Stores For Guaranteed Authenticity. No Doubt It Is Very Expensive. Can You Put A Price On What Goes Into Your Body Especially With Crooks Everywhere Selling Contaminated Foodstuffs With Food Standard Agency Chasing Them Everywhere.

Please Why Is Smoked Fish So Expensive?

If You Have Outdoor Barbeque Stand Get Your Favourite Fish Barbequed Dry With That Authentic Smoky Flavour Or Impoverish With Oven.

The Fish Seller In Brixton Market Was Rude & Tough As An Old Boot . Please We Should Look For Alternatives.

The Fish Seller Tough Talking Reminded Me Of Women Back Home In Volvo Fish Market In Calabar.

Afang Soup Cooking Technique Is full Of Diversity Of Flavours. Please Who Cooks The Best Afang Soup? He he he eeeh !     Trouble Brewing !

AFANG Soup cooked With Freshly Cut afang Leaves Taste Better With Authentic Flavour.

Afang Soup Is Prepared In Different Ways.  Cut & Pounded To Required Texture Depending On Regions or Locality.Ogoja People & Igbo Don't Pound Okazi The Way Ibibio, Oron & Calabar do.

Buy or Order In Advance as It Goes Quick! Remember Restaurant Order In Bulk.

Having my parent from Oron (dad) and Calabar ( mum), I know OTONG SOUP is cooked with slight variations which makes it interesting.

For 'draw' effect, Okro is pounded to solid smooth consistency.

My Igbo friends will be asking me ' a beg wet in be OTONG SOUP, no bi Okro Soup be this?


At a glance you assume Okro Soup.  Fact is it's a different Okro Soup! Their similarities abound!

Efik and Oron OTONG SOUP are similar, the difference being Oron OTONG is cooked with red kidney beans ( OTONG nseme) paired with IWEH EKPANG. Efik OTONG is paired with AYAN EKPANG.

Ugwu leaves and Uziza leaves is a MUST  for OTONG!

MAMAPUT STEW chronicles This Week


Yorubas Cook The Best Stew

Ewa Agoyin

There Are Over 8 Types Of Stews

These Stews are cooked with  Palm oil to fry all the ingredients which are : assorted hot peppers, Onions, crayfish . Yes crayfish gives it a different flavour.

Ewa Agoyin  & ATADINDIN  Stew

Pepper Soup Has a Certain  'get well soon' Cure To Common Cold & Other Ailments.

Any Pepper Soup Whether Fish or Meat Goes Well With Yam, Plantain or Rice.

Today Choice To Enjoy This Hot Spicy Tilapia Fish Pepper Soup Is Plantain.

Have You Bought My Book? If Not You Can order From Foyles & Waterstones Bookshops.

My Kitchen is Now Finally Ready For Food-De-Tour!

FOR Customers Who Prefer Private Fine Dining. Individuals & Public Figures Like To Dine Privately in the Comfort Of Their Homes. I Cook & Deliver At Your Home.

We Cater To Bridge The Gap in Fine Dining. I Guess Not Everyone Likes Casual dining in Restaurants Depending Who You Choose to Dine With. It is All About Privacy.

As Certified Nutrition Coach, Our Food Is Prepped and Cooked to Retain Nutrients & Vitamins Based on Traditional Ingredients for Genuine and Authentic Taste.

Smoked Fish have names - sorry I don't know what this fish is called. Any Traditional Fish expert in the house? This fish is huge & I have already started attacking it!

I Like My Pepper Whole & Organic Prepped & Imported From Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Stockfish. Did You Know My Husband's Father First Brought Stockfish to Nigeria From Norway in The 1950s and Traded on it?  Late Chief Igwe Kalu Made millions from it with his relative Late Chief Nnanna Kalu.

Our Pumpkin Leaf is Organic Home Grown  & Available Every Week to Buy. I Get Mine From Reliable Experienced Seller.

We Aim to Bring Simple Joy of Real Nigerian Home Cooking To Your Door Step. Food Cooked With Passion.

To Maximise Full African Flavour You Often Get From Traditional Home Cooking. Bringing The Best Of Nigeria Food Enriched With Natural Home Grown Recipes.

Organic Smoked Fish

Our Organic Smoked Fish From My Hometown Oron, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria is Additional Ingredient Though Optional.

We Ensure We Use Healthy Cooking Methods & Offer Healthy Choice.

Fresh Boiled Yam Prepped For Either POUNDED Yam, Fried Yam & Yam Pottage. Very Popular!!

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness. You Don't Need Hard & Fast Rules That Food Must Be Prepped in Clean Environment as Common sense Should Prevail.

Meat Prepped in a Clean Kitchen.

Mackerel Fish Pan Fried Prior to Oven Roast.

We Offer Nutrition Advice & Specialities for People With Diabetics Without Losing the Full Flavour of Food.

This Fresh Fish Okro Soup Was Prepped for Someone With Diabetics Cooked Without Palm Oil & Salt Yet Tasty & Full of Flavour.

We Offer Healthy Options in Rice, Plantain and Yam Dishes With Generous Amount of Vegetables & Pulses Thrown In. Cooked For Someone With Diabetics.

I Love Basmati! Anytime for any Versatile Cooking!

Our POP UP is Family Friendly Kitchen Food Exclusive For Private & Corporate Dinner Party. We Are Very Selective Of Our Clientele and Can Only Cater for 10 - 20 Maximum Guests.

Have A Look At Our Specialities

Saucy Spiced Snails

Spiced Snails

Ekpang Nkukwo

Ekpang Nkukwo Prepped Ready To Cook

King Prawn Special Fried Rice

Fried Rice prepped

Cooked To Individual Speciality

Whole Spiced Oven Roast Chicken Cooked As You Like It

Watchout For Our Weekly Kitchen' s Tips

Today's Kitchen Tip

Emergency Spiced Tomatoes Sauce

*****Spiced Tomatoes Sauce*****

Add sauce 2 old Stew - When you still have some meat left in the old Stew!!!!


Handy sauce 2 cook pasta dishes especially when you don't have much time & less time to feed hungry kids. Already prepared tomatoes sauce saves time!


Ingredients are tomatoes, onions, chilli & seasoning blended together and refrigerated to Prepare emergency Food.

Prepped & Chopped Ugwu Leaves

Fresh Water leaves, prepped & Chopped

Our vegetables must be fresh farm produces to guarantee that authentic organic taste.  The leaves are prepped & chopped minutes before cooking.  

Snail Speciality will Be Prepared For You With Love

Freshly Prepped Organic Snails

You will definitely have a slimy and slim chance to enjoy prepping snails for cooking. You have to break the flesh/meat from the hard brown shell, get rid of the unwanted guts, cleanse with salt and fresh lemon juice.

Not for the fainthearted.  Leave it with us to cook it for you & with free delivery on your doorstep.   

We Don't Use Alum in cleaning our  snails as it contains harmful  chemicals which is bad & unhealthy. We Use salt and fresh lime or lemon juice.

Our Organic Snails are Fresh Ready To Cook

Spiced Snail Is A Dish Best Prepared & Reserved For Special Occasions. 

Snails Are Low in Fat and High in Protein and Magnesium.  

Okro Soup

Okra Soup

This 'draw 'soup as my son calls it is almost everyone's favourite.  Okro soup is  easy ' swallow' food both adult and kids love.

Yes! your order will arrive fresh & green


Edikang Ikong Soup

Edikang Ikong cooked with fresh water leaves & ugwu leaves.

Almost everyone favourite soup especially if you are from Nigeria. This soup requires some culinary skills  to achieve the right taste and texture. We will take the worries away and prepare it for you with free delivery on your doorstep